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Albarakah School

Admissions open in  Pre-Nursery + Class 1 to 5 and 9th Class!

Al-Barakah Free Online Test Session for Matric Classes

Welcome to Al-Barakah Free Online Test Session for 9th, 10th classes. This test session is free for all the students of Punjab. Al-Barakah launches this test session to cover up difficulties of matric students in this difficult situation where due to Covid-19, students are unable to take live classes, and live tests. Preparation of exams […]

Al-Barakah Summer Vacation 2020

Summer Vacation Home Assessment The home assessment test is a fantastic way for the parents to assess their child during the summer holidays. For this, we have prepared chapter wise and topic wise tests of all the subjects. Our management and teaching staff are continuously thinking, how to get maximum output from children in this […]

Albarakah Qaida/Nazra Position Holders 2018-19

These are the shining stars of Albarakah who got position in Qaidah, Nazirah and Hifz Annual Exams in session 2018-19. These exams were held as on January 29, 2019. The exams were taken by experienced Qurra Hazraat and Ulama e Karam other than our own regular staff members. Chauburji Campus One Hifz Position Holders 2018-19 […]

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