Hifz e Quran Along with Contemporary Study

Albarakah Pre Section

The terms Nursery and Pre-Nursery refers to the kindergarten children that are in between the age of 3.5 to 5.5 years. The curriculum for Pre Section should be decided very carefully because this will going to develop the base of the children. As being an institute that is more inclined towards Islam than any other institute. Some important Islamic aspects should be particularly included in the curriculum.

Pre Nursery Class

When the child is first admitted to the institute. He/She will learn some basic duas, poems with the actions and gestures and will come across the basic concept of the alphabets and the numbers. These will be all the features that will consider in the Pre-Nursery.

Nursery Class

When promoted to Nursery the children will learn some advanced Masnoon and Quaranic duas (duas which are essential and are a little lengthy). The child will be going to learn alphabets, small words and numbers too in this step.

Prep Class

The Prep class is a step forward. In this, the child will go a little higher in the Islamic studies and start learning the Qaida and the Nazra. As far as academics are concerned the syllabus for Prep class is pretty regular according to the standards.