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Al-Barakah Final Exams Datesheet – Session 2018-2019

Al-Barakah Final Exams Datesheet has announced. The papers of Class one to seven will start from January 31, 2019,  while the exams of prep class will start from Monday February 4, 2019.  Following are the datasheets of all the classes.

2019 Final Exams Datesheet – Pre Section

DATE DAY Pre-Nursery Nursery
4th February’19 Monday English English
5th February’19 Tuesday Kashmir Day
6th February’19 Wednesday OFF OFF
7th February’19 Thursday Urdu Urdu
8th February’19 Friday Art Art
9th February’19 Saturday OFF OFF
10th February’19 Sunday HOLIDAY HOLIDAY
11th February’19 Monday Maths Maths
12th February’19 Tuesday OFF OFF
13th February’19 Wednesday G.K. G.K.

2019 Final Exams Datesheet – Prep to 7

DATE DAY Prep 1 to 5 6 , 7
29th January’19 Tuesday Quaida (Chuburji (Chuburji
30th January’19 Wednesday   92-A, Girls 92-A, Girls
31st January’19 Thursday   Science Maths
1st February’19 Friday      
2nd February’19 Saturday   Maths History
3rd February’19 Sunday      
4th February’19 Monday English English-A English-A
5th February’19 Tuesday Kashmir Day    
6th February’19 Wednesday Urdu English-B Science
7th February’19 Thursday Art Islamiat Islamiat
8th February’19 Friday G.K    
9th February’19 Saturday Science Urdu-A Urdu-A
10th February’19 Sunday      
11th February’19 Monday Maths Urdu-B Urdu-B
12th February’19 Tuesday      
13th February’19 Wednesday   S.St English B
14th February’19 Thursday   Art  
15th February’19 Friday   Computer Computer

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